Thread Painting

Thread Painting
This should be a fun day. We will work on some simple thread painting techniques and see what we can do with our sewing machines. We’ll work those machines like they should be worked !
I will bring some Wonderfil threads for you to try.
I will also bring a couching foot, some wool, and some ribbon that can be used to TEAR apart and have some fun with.

Things to Bring :

  • A couple of bobbins filled with either light gray thread, bobbin thread or invisible thread.
  • A machine capable of free motion quilting and zig zag stitching. It is a good idea to bring along your machine’s instruction book.
  • All machine feet including a quilting foot and one that you would use for zig zag stitch as well as straight stitch.
  • Screw driver to change feet.
  • Awl
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Sewing scissors
  • Small ruler, small mat, rotary cutter
  • Threads to play with ! Yellows, greens, browns, blues, pinks, oranges, burgundys . Anything colours that could be used in landscapes and flowers.

And best of all……..your imagination !!!

Optional to Bring :

Couching foot if you have one for your machine
Stablizer (not iron on) (Remnants larger than 2’ x 3” can be used.)
Sky material or blues suitable for sky if you have it. (Remnants larger than 2’ x 3’ can be used !